NAMM 2006 Pictures...


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I saw this in HC... Maybe juz post some for viewing... There are more pictures in the gallery... Check it out... 8)

Source is here -



I like the design...



Lastly... some chicks...
I love the fretless one. And who wants to see the girls when there are so many beautiful guitars there at the NAMMshow.
vernplum said:
Anyone know if the HR Giger Ibanez guitars will be available over here and how much?

Seems like the Ibanez in the center is a new model?

Looks really cool man...
its weird how ESP made the alexi laiho more into a king V shape, just to avoid lawsuits from jackson lol

nevertheless, king v or not, im sure lots of fanboys will buy it :D (even when it comes with only 1 pickup, 1 volume knob, and a non active EMG-hz):D
CRAP!!! Just saw ANOTHER Ibanez with a Maple board!!! In HSS config WITH 22 frets!!! Check it out guys... the prestiege SA under Specials in ibanezrules. :)

The Japanese Laiho models are rather different than the ones in the picture.
I remember the saw tooth models don't have that black yellow color...and the hardware colors are different...

Might not be the Japanese ones?