My new Fender all done up! (pics)


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Hi, if you read the gibson post , you will see i got my new pickguard and pickups and a setup for my fender. Here she is! Looks sweet to me, but of course, shes mine :)




With the new hot golds, she sings without the hum :)
wow !! that's cool gargamelesp .... cant wait to hear how she sings :p impressive !!! wish i can mod my JEM too sigh ha ... maybe next time ... u know where can change neck and inlays ?? ha .. wanted to change .... :)
got both the pickguard and pickups from acme guitarworks, a us based website. Arrived within 7 days of shipping. Pickguard cost me 60 bucks inclusive of shipping. Pickups cost me 290
swee swee lah bro. shoulda gone for the pearloids too. but the cost really shocked me into not buying..keke. anybody heard the rumour that the fender vintage noiseless series was actually a kinman ripoff? i was told this by a very reliable source but could not find anything on the net to confirm...
It's really pretty. Gold hardware might look good on it (subjective though).

Post some clips of it in action if possible. :smt002
hey gargamelesp, are those flatwound strings i see on ur guit? wats de sound like with them on? ur strat has nice mojo btw. :D
too nice. lol.

i often wonder if i'll play as well if i had a beautiful guitar... so sayang dun wan to play hard liao. :?
heh oh well, it didnt cost me too much, and shes meant to be a very playable guitar. cosmetic wise she isnt too fancy, but i have to say the guitar looks pretty sweet :)

nope, those arnt flat wounds, they are just regular ghs boomers. thanks for the complements!