My Best Metal Piece


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Hi guys,
Here's my best heavy metal piece... Got the backing from a friend and I worked on it for about 1 (Edit: its not 2, sorry!) week I think...

Hope it rocks.

Heavy Metal

Enjoy and please, give me your comments. :)
Ya!!! Its got its out of tuneness and stuff... what to do? Rush job... heh.

Hope you are enjoying your army. heh.
Re: out of tune?

domsoon said:
Got out of tune meh? I was gonna ask you if you played professionally ;)

Its got its out of tuneness... 1:55 onwards, that solo was played on a guitar that was out of tune! I did so many takes that when I finally got a good take, I realised my guitar was out... but it didn't sound so bad, so I kept the take. Hahaha...
dhalif said:
din really hear the out of tune thingy.. just that the licks sounded really "not sure"...


I don't get that... maybe you want to be a little more specific?

I played the beginning of each verse in G major when the entire song's key is in G minor... maybe thats why?
like i said... accuracy wise.. for example.. 00:39-00:43 part.. it sounds like a lick u just learned 5 mins ago..know what i mean...
0:39 to 0:43? I dunno... was I supposed to pick every note only once? :wink:

But ya lah, there are accuracy mistakes in this piece. :)
dhalif said:
its everywhere man... another example.. 2:02- 2:23

Yup... that's out too. Didn't think the ending was out though... ;)

Like what I said, there are accuracy mistakes in this piece... Can't shred like malmsteem you know... ;)
It is... really... In my opinion... I don't compose in heavy metal very much but I delve into it once awhile. To date, I've only got about 3 songs thats in a heavy metal style.

This piece is the most "metal" sounding piece I've done thus far... tried to play as metal as I could and just yeah, just play as metal as I could!
For comparision's sakes, I just posted my best piece... 8)

Thats something that I took time to work on and its in my arena of instrumental rock... so yeap, I hope it puts down your concerns on the quality of playing, dhalif... :lol:
Shredcow..thats a nice piece..
but i feel that someparts the pitch seems to be abit off a few cents..

the software that ur using got pitch correction?BTW the harmonise part is done by u or preprogramme software..or hardware.

i would suggest on some parts u attack the strings.
to sound more aggressive.

keep it up bro..i enjoy it
Yup Penguin.. some parts were off... I rushed thru the piece and at the end of the day, althought I had the stuff I wanted, they were just slightly off (out of tune)... but hell, I decided to keep it! ;)

And I never harmonise with a programme.. Its all done by me. for attack, I would say, I was doing so but at the time of recording, all I had was a Marshall MG30DFX amp, the Bad Horsie Wah and my guitar, nothing else. The Marshall MG doesn't replicate attack well since its digital...and besides, I was wacking hard at the strings all the time! ;)
i use lots of digital..stuff but getting the attacking feel that should be there...

btw why u name this piece ur Best metal piece?
firstly..i dont really think that its metal... later part of ur life u might write a better piece..