MWTS: Tempus Fibreglass Drum Kit


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As above, I might be looking to sell my Tempus Fiberglass kit if my asking price is met.

I've been thinking of getting a cheaper kit for home use.

If you don't know what Tempus drums are, go google them up. Paul has ceased production as of March '12. These drums are indestructible, their build quality is second to none. Fiberglass gives you greater potential volume (depending on how loud you want to be), greater resonance, a wider range of frequency response, greater definition and focus to the sound of the drum, extreme durability (a benefit to the less-delicate player), and a lighter overall instrument weight. Oh yeah, and the drums will never lose their finish. These drums will outlast you.

Here's an old pic of the kit:


Sizes are:

12"x7" - Blue Glass Glitter
15"x10" - Orange Glass Glitter
20"x12" - White Glass Glitter with Champagne Gold hoops

Text/Whatsapp me @ 9170 6433 for my price.
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