Muslim SOFTies : Buka Puasa Gathering?

Where to eat?

  • Far East Plaza

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  • Coffeeshop by FourTones

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  • Elsewhere (state in thread)

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Yeah was just thinking. If you guys wanna break your fast together. Maybe the lot of us could meet up and chit chat and stuff and it'd be cool. What do you guys think?
why not go some good hawker centre or some good non fastfood places. =) SIMPANG BEDOK. lol. or haig road or urm somewhere. serangoon gardens. LOL.
why not decide the time/day first and who's interested?

im interested! haha. but im free only on sat evenings i guess. =\
hey bro....i wont count S11 geylang.....damn is pack over there.....
just experience be honest.....i can count who is actually fasting and who are not....muahahaha....
other place maybe not near Geylang bazaar site
we could get some beef bowls... any chickens or salmons here? we already have a couple of cows... maybe some ebis would be better...
lol. sofyan's mad!

urm. how about going somewhere out if geylang? lol.

ANY SUGGESTIONS!? or all wanna go clementi eat prata!? HAHA. kidding. that's like so far away from my home. or why not we buy some instant noodles from carrefour or anywhere then we go 7eleven and *service* ourselves with the hot water and then we buy some gargatuan gulp from 7eleven and then we share ah! =) we sit by some road and eat together. =)

i deserve to be shot you know. lol. well, suggestions please! i dont go online much so i expect some ppl to inform me if any decisions made!

so urm, who's interested!?

list of who's interested:
6)SOFYAN(i dont care! you're coming!)

add your name to the list. urm how about next sat evenin!? lol. or this mon/tues evening? haha. and suggestions pls! (so excited)
Hmm... How bout jalan kayu? There's roti prata n others...OR

Al-Amin Bukit timah/Woodlands ( My area there..hehe )... theres lots of food there too...n nice place to rest & easy...

Anywae its juz a suggestion though.. :wink: