more random vids


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Nice vid.

I've heard rave reviews abt them. Any idea where to get their albums? Any albums to recommend?
Pain of Salvation is excellent stuff. They deserve more recognition... I find their brand of progressive rock/metal much more soulful than DT, plus the singer is much better anyway. :)
I love their solos... very original and almost fusion/jazz like at times.

Dude, Born to Shred is a CLASSIC. Haven;t watched youtube yet, but I got the full vid... its hilarious!!!! And the thing is, they CAN shred like no tomorrow!

Hehe.. basket... vaiyen, you scouring YouTube for vids everyday ah?!
yea.. born to shred.. i have the full vid 2 .hah. damn funny

they are great lar .ha

the skinny guy claims that he plays so fast that the amps cant pick up the signal from his picking .ha. SLOW AMP .. wth
yea man, both of them are killer shredders.
practicing their speed while watching porn to a metronome :lol:


I totally agree with you Vaiyan. SPEED = EMOTION.

No mesa boogies, they don't track well.
Porn is good practice.
Headbang expressively, on each down stroke.
Easy tapping comes abt after 6 yrs

DAMN... i love those guys!

Esp the last part... hahaha... Richard Marx... :)
Born to shred, what song is that ah, the last lesson "How to play fast in a slow song." I like the chords very much.