I feel...monitoring is a very personal issue. What I may think are excellent monitors, you may just hate the way they sound!!

That said, I suggest that if you have a chance to demo both the models, u should, in your recording environment...!

For me personally, I feel the Alesis speakers sound better... however, even they are nothing compared to the ATC SCM20As.

Just my personal view...!!!

I´m also looking for nearfield monitors. I had my heart set on the ubiguitious NS10s but now no more in production so im kicking myself very hard now. But you have to ask yourself, why buy nearfields to monitor on when most nly hear music thru their home hifis? If you can make it sound good on your normal speakers, then they should sound good everywhere?
thanks for the replies =>

yeah i know the monitors are pretty subjective tingy..but since i wont be able to bring them back home to listen + no exp wif monitors..

i´ll like others opinions ..dun wanna risk my $$$ on someting that playback great but exaggerates the sounds..


monitors are designed wif as flat a frequency response so that they would translate well on most other systems..

if u were to use ur hifi..which freq response is not could sound terrible on other systems since not all speakers freq response is the same..

Eg. a cut at the lower end of the spectrum on ur hifi might just aggravates the situation on another hifi which alreadi by default has a " drop"
oh..just to add..

if ur veri familiar wif the sound of ur hifi..

u could compensate for its inadequacies

ah..the ns10 are not that fantastic actually..according to many online articles(personally never heard them miself)..

but they were one of the best in a small selection of available that later kinda made them the "benchmark" ..a reference for many engineers to mix on..

tis more of gettin to know the sound or those speakers..

the ns10 are "forward" sounding..wif emphasis in the mids range.. and that makes for the most part of alot of pop music ..
Well having used the NS-10s myself previously, I must admit that they are not the most, or rather were never the most "Flat" sounding monitors. Always found them to be VERY bright! But I guess they caught on nevertheless...

However, if you are on a budget... do check out the Behringer Truths or the Alesis Actives... Not bad actually...

But if budget is not a constraint then have a serious look at the ATCs ofocurse. Also the M&Ks and the Dynaudio Acoustics´.

Finally, if you can try and source Auratones from somewhere (they dont make these anymore) you would strike GOLD, I think!

yeah...too bad in sing..

shipping is NOT FREE for online purchases =<

think onli choices would probably be

Alesis actives or Behringer..

but behringer seems to have pretty mixed their bad name..
It´s a pity that there´s no one place where we can tryout these gears side-by-side.
hmm..if i am not wrong..

hung brothers at sim lim haf a couple of models inside their shop

can see it outside though

but last time i went they had:

Event PS series

Reveal active/passives


Alesis m1 mkII

and perhaps some others i´ve missed

i tink u could try them out there..

i am not sure if they have the mackies or genelecs though..

Well trying the speakers out in a shop is quite a bad idea...! This is because of the fact that the acoustics of the shop will be very different from your studio environment and what sounds good there, may sound like a DISASTER in your studio!

However, I am not aware of any dealers who will let you audition the speakers at your studio, unless you are one of the BIGGER PLAYERS... if you know what I mean!

Unfortunatley, we @ SAT B SOLUTIONS do not represent any brand of studio monitors. If we did, rest assured, we would have had no issues to let our clients audition the monitors within the confines of their own control rooms... over a couple of beers maybe?!




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still looking for a pair of those elusive NS10s. Funny thing is all my fave bands use them, like chem bros, fatboyslim,orbital,etc. These are bands that i like the production side of and they all have that one thing in common.... hmmmmff.
NS10s are considered the industry´s flat-response monitors. it´s true the acoustics of the room, the board, SPL, etc affects the monitoring. consider this, if your room isn´t designed studio-wise, what´s the point of getting a pair of good speakers that you can´t really tell the sound of your work? wouldn´t a pair of headphones be a better deal?

either case, check out roland´s website for some of the latest monitors for home studios. they may be pricier, but think of it as an investment? resale value usually (but not always) drops just slightly below your purchasing point for pro-audio over a span of abt 5-10years.

comments which i´ve come across regarding NS10s are that you can sometimes mis-judge the bass-response. not saying they are bad, i feel they are quite friendly as well. but for that price, there are better choices. personally i still check my work on headphones for the details at home.

NS10s are collectors´ stuff now i heard. if you get your hands on them, it´s good value! good luck!!
collector´s item? That means the price is gona be high maybe even higher than original? I can envisage all these big studio engineers who are paying big bucks for NS10s jus for spares just in case theirs go kaput.


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i think thats wat nearfields are used for..

so that u can isolate as much as possible the room acoustics effect on ur mixes..
reason y nearfields monitors popular today

collectors item? i dun tink they are veri ex even now..maybe wannabe items....less than 1 k i tink..SGD



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I really hope you´re right. They used to cost about 800+ new, so if i can get them at 1/2 price I´d be laughing. Anything more than that tho would not be worth it. Might as well save up for genelecs!


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I thought NS10s were out of production? In any case, I suspect that yamaha are just out to market some of their other monitors, and who really believes that they can´t get the wood pulp for NS10s? What´s in them ? Dead dingbats?
I was thinking the same thing. How hard is it to get the wood? Can´t they just substitute it for another kind of wood? Ahhh..... anyways, i did manage to find a guy selling a pair of NS10s in an advert. Called him up and said he just sold it d day before. ´How much for´ i asked. ´60 dollars´ he replied. :cry: