Monitor speakers for untreated room

Will it be alright to get a pair of active monitor speakers for use in an untreated bedroom?

Needless to say, the accuracy of mixes will be affected. Most likely counterproductive.

I'm in a dilemma of getting a a pair of active monitor speakers but I do not want to treat my bedroom because I don't know how to. My room is in a freaking mess which I rarely do any house keeping, just plain lazy if you will.

I just want to make music. It's for hobby.

I'm currently eyeing on Adam A7 with a subwoofer or Mackie HR624mk2 with a subwoofer.

Or perhaps if I want to leave my room untreated and yet use monitor speakers, should I just get something low-end like KRK Rokit RP5/6 or similar category.

Since it is the same untreated room, go with the system that sounds better.
Well, find the speaker you like and find the best sweet spot to work with. In bedroom, bass is problematic.
Get the best speakers you can afford but at the same time get some basic acoustic treatment up. Do a search online, there are tons of resources pertaining to DIY acoustic treatments.
Get a pair of KRKs...use them as near-field monitors. They are self-powered and pretty sweet sounding
I needed the subs if I'm meddling with sub frequencies.

Your opinion of not going well would mean excessive or sonically incompatible?

Adam A7 is pretty low. You need a sub cover down at least 28 Hz. Of cos, the cut-off freq, the phase shift and position matter a lot too. Simply you need to take time setup properly. If you able to find 20hz-20khz sweeping test and a "pencil" omni mic, it is easier to dial in the volume and cut-off freq.