Marshall Jackhammer, questions!


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hmm have been tuning here and there.. But i still cant get the sound i want.. i want sth like metallica? is it possible? heh.. noobie with all these gadgets. Maybe u guys could tell me how i should tune that metal piece. hahaha.
I tot for metallica sound it is more suited to used a ds-1... haha... anyway try maximise the distortion on amp and then plug the jackhammer in and slowly adjust the gain/distortion till u like the sound... that is my standard operating procedure... haha... good luck...
ds-1 for Metallica??? omg no.....

The Jackhammer can go as heavy as you like, but if you want to emulate Metallica's sound perfectly, you'll have to invest thousands. There's no magic-bullet pedal.
You bought it 1st or 2nd hand? Didn't ask the salesman how to use it?
You know... Vaiyen... for metallica's tone... you can actually do it with many of them digital modellers. ;) Its a very high gain tone so digital modelling works well with it.

Anyway... I disagree with Newguy. IMO, the jackhammer works BEST as a standalone distortion unit. Like the Boss MT2. You put it with a distorted amp, I find it redundant since the JH1 has enough gain on its own already.

Note the very bassy tone of the JH1 on lead (can't rem if its lead or distortion or what) mode? Drop your bass on the JH1 to abt 10 oclock. Up the treble to 2 oclock. Then Mid Freq knob to 1 oclock, mid knob to 11-12 oclock. Gain at 2 - 4 oclock. Set your amp to a nice clean sound thats not too thin, more on the fat/middy side with slightly less treble. I don't know what guitar you are using but give these settings a shot.
yea, I was talking abt perfect replication of Metallica's tone. In all honesty, I've never heard a pedal that can give the sound I heard on S&M. That's a killer live sound.
Although the line6 ubermetal and the Zoom tri-metal come quite close I have to say.
hoho nice thanks shredcow. i'm using a yamaha pacifica 112j. i'll try it tml.. if not my neighbours are goanna kill me.

vaiyen: heh i bought it 2nd hand.. i know how to use it..jus that i cant get the tone i want. hahaha. :)
hahaha.. yeah i should.. how bout. st.anger? although i cant play that song. but i want that kinda grungy hard grainy tone.
I believe the JH will do the's low and middy. I think you just gotta tweak it somemore.