Luther ads is going to have user ID system


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Went to luther's site and saw this:

NEWS!!! WE are finally going to introduce a user ID system for the classads. Traffic is expected to drop but we believe in the long run, it is for the good of all genuine users. Registration is free and will commence sometime in March 2006. Please email all comments/suggestions to Luther at Watch this space.
*Cut and paste from luther's homepage*

Hope this ends all the spamming
its better, some ppl use classified ads to chat and critisize other people's ads rather than advertising. but 1 thing bad is theres a limit to the ads i hope luthermusic has no limit :lol:
i salute luther. the fact that people out there misuse his stuff, cause problems for him, yet he still continue to make the effort.
Yep a lot of gutless, coward, 2 much tyme of their hands wankers out there who have nothing better to do.... I whole heartedly agree with Luther.... :twisted:
i think its that we can identify who is really selling his stuffs...cos experience this before...i called the number on the ad..and the person said..."i'm not selling any guitars"....-.-
Just like Ebay. Everything's cooler with an account, imagine soft without accounts.
i think this move is better. it helps people find those sellers who are credible and not those who would con ppl out of their money. esp those ppl selling the cheaper stuff, who would naturally be bought by newbies. also, i notice that some ppl use it as a flaming around.

+1 to luther :lol: