looking good or sounding good


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which is more important to you? hang low like slash and put up a good show but sound ok or not bad or hang high like eric johnson and play really well but just stand in one spot without moving? :lol:
be yourself.....1 man's poison maybe another man's delicacy? this kinda "survey" leads to nowhere....

dude...not taking out on you, just a thought :wink:
Well my opinion is, if you play well, look good. If you aren't too good, dress okay. Cos if you dress so nicely and have bad techniques (yeah poser). But if you dress nicely and got good technique to match, then thats perfect. Looking nice is no sweat. Playing good is the fun part.
juz do watever you're comfy wif....as long as u sound gd u will look gd too..(more r less.. :p ) n i tink you'll naturally move ard if u r enjoyin' yourself...
ya...jus like they said...be yourself...as long as u r confident with urself...u will look good and play good...
i get bored with bands that have no stage presence, but i'm appaled at bands that just aren't good musically. so i like bands that have both. e.g. saosin, weezer, the dave matthews band, 311, jimmy's chicken shack

and all of them are made up of musicians who are REALLY good at their instruments.
just a random question. How to have stage presence? do something stunning or something else?
Mr_X said:
just a random question. How to have stage presence? do something stunning or something else?


look at jimi hendrix

he plucks star spangled banner with his teeth... hows that for showmanship ?
i don't know if stage presence is so much about action as it is about being able to engage the crowd with your...err...presence. The Dave Matthews Band and Weezer don't really move around that much, but when you're watching them it's like you can't take your eyes off the band. their presence onstage is in itself powerful.

Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, in particular. he's actually really quiet, and doesn't say much between songs. he just stands there and he looks down at his shoes and mumbles something. but he kinda transforms into a rockstar once he starts a song. he looks at the crowd, he becomes confident and self-assured, and it begins to seem like what he's singing is actually everything he wants to say. it's like watching Clark Kent turn into Superman. it's pretty amazing and it's why they're one of my favourite live bands.