Looking for bassist and drummer to form a punk band


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Hey softies I'm a 24 year old vocalist/guitarist looking for a bassist and a drummer to form a 3 piece punk band preferably around early/mid 20's.

My influences are: nirvana, dune rats, driveways, alkaline trio, green day, sum 41, blink, gob, the queers, mxpx etc.

I also wrote a batch of originals and I would be happy to share with you if you can commit the band full time. Thanks!
Dear lastman_falling,

We're a 4 piece band (bass, drums, two guitars) currently on the lookout for either a male or a female singer. Stylistically we'd prefer someone influenced by Nirvana, Myles Kennedy etc.

Our main goal is to find someone willing to work with us in the long run, record music and perform live (Baybeats, Ignite, etc.)

Here's one of our demos for reference:

Contact us at 85245085 or conversely at https://www.instagram.com/alchemy.band.sg/