Looking for bands who play original and covers of NEW WAVE (e.g., the Cure, etc)


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Hi all,

A NEW WAVE movement which started in the US has landed in Singapore. One of the founders is now based in Singapore. We are now planning to have small scale music fest featuring local indie bands where they show off their original music and their own interpretation of NEW WAVE songs from the eighties. We will start with a monthly event featuring four local indie bands that will culminate to a full concert show. the main concert shall be scheduled as soon as the line-up of local bands are established via the "fourplay session" funneling towards the main concert/show.

There will be auditions for this show. It will be held at a sponsoring studio. Bands going for the audition do not need to pay. The sponsoring studio will wave the fees for the audition.

If your band is interested, please provide the following information to liveampmusic@yahoo.com

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