Looking for amateur musicians for alt rock jamming session.


New member

I'm a guitarist myself, and I'm looking for
  1. Vocalist
  2. Guitarist
  3. Bassist
  4. Drummer

To jam alternative rock music every weekends.. Bands like:
Switchfoot, Tokio Hotel, Rascal Flatts, Simple Plan, MCR, Linkin Park, Green Day, Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Taylor Swift, The Click Five, Faber Drive, Lifehouse, Boys Like Girls, Anberlin, All Time Low, We the Kings, Paramore, Hey Monday etc.

I've been playing guitar for quite some time, but recently started picking back up 'cause there's nothing for me to look forward to when playing guitar or practicing. I'm not exactly professional, so, it would be good to jam with people somewhere there.

I live in Bukit Panjang and I'm looking for people who live around me so it is easier to meet up in the long run.

Also prefers someone who can drive/ride 'cause I'm thinking of jamming midnight. I'm a driver myself. I dislike the hot sun and the extreme crowd of the millions of commuters. :(

I'm 20 this year.. Please PM me with an introduction of yourself. :)