local music revival from the roots !


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hiya guys !

with all e media attention and e increasing rising status of music groups ... i believe alot of people haved missed a point . if local music is ever to be accepted locally. the music and passion for music has to come from within . us and our own background. has anyone noticed tt schools are having more and more music groups lately ?

my fren , a keyboardist , who dropped out of school and is pretty much self taught and can damned hell play any instrument decently said that like 16 wannab bands from one school asked him about jamming studios.

the bottomline is : if local music is ever to be succesful. we gotta appeal to local hearts and local hearts must start and accept their own local music. the revival in schools the increased attention and interest all point towards growth in the roots. if the roots grow , wun the rest of the tree grow as well ?

viva singapura musica !
Yep! I agree on that...if we able to nurture the young into liking local music..i think in years to come it wil be a trend for youngster to get use to local music provided if radio or mtv play a part lah...Well guys out there wat do u tink.. :wink:
i really really hope likle local music can take off ... e onli way it can is to win e hearts and minds of singaporean ... this startup in like schools is like an interesting development as it shows people taking music into mainstream .. learning and performing it instead of just simply dumping their cash on artistes who cant sing live e.g _____ (fill in urself ... sure alot)

i hope this means local music will take off in e near future