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Was channel surfing late at night yesterday and saw a local band on TV. A bunch of uncles... They were really good even though, they did some cover of other people's song. Can tell that it is a low production show and its only showed in the middle of the night.

BUT the most important thing is that the TV station gives different bands a chance to get their songs heard every week.

Why SG TV don't have such things? Maybe exposing talents in SG more will do the local scene some good...
obviously its all bout the money..
but most important of all there must be a win-win situation for a deal to be made..
MidnightFender said:
Was channel surfing late at night yesterday and saw a local band on TV. A bunch of uncles... quote]

i think we need more talented uncles

anyway, wat channel u watchin?
just a thought... if say singapore t.v really wanted to to a weekly reality show on local bands...
say..YUOR band... would you guys do it?... personally i would be kinda shy.... camera in your face all the time...etc... stress man...
but that is the route to commercialization. aka 'making it'. unless your music is purely for your own entertainment, if not, somehow, you have to 'sell' to the audience.

usually, i do not engage in debates cause everything is everything and anything is anything. hmmm... see, this is why i dont engage in debates. people will be totally 'blured' by me.

alot of times, we complain about injustice being done to musicians or bands but we have to put ourself into their shoes. ok, put it in things that are closer to us. imagine we play in a band. when we are jamming, the guitar is way too soft (15W amp). what do we do? we can all just continue playing or the other musicians can lower their volume to balance out. hmm...

in society, everything should be balance, equal. the pivot is you and me! If you find things not right, just move your position and you will see it balance out.

If we feel that this or that music maker/artiste is not doing the right thing, dont just complain or hate them. Do something to prove that you can make a difference.

oki, please dont throw glass bottles at me. paper ones are ok. :lol:
It is definately not a reality tv thing... The name of the show is erm.... studio (if i'm not wrong), channel ABC, aust.

Anyway, thing the music scene here is very good. Everyday, morning show will definately showcase some musician. Their variety talk show always have some musician performing. In sch will have a band play every tuesday. Walk down the street, every other pub will have live band. Sometimes I'll pop my head in to check the bands out. Got all kinds of genre, jazz, funk, pop, blus, everything... Maybe that's how bands like INXS, Jet, crowded house, etc. started.

hmm... I sound like a tour guide now...
oh, i saw another one on NHK called, "Band Concert". hmm... could have a better name but then, it is the music that is important.

they have bands made up of really really normal people! dude, it is like all your uncles and aunties who sit in the kopi shop. the cool thing is, you can see that they really really practise hard to showcase their music. The line up is pretty varied too. Got big band, rock band, banjo band, jazz band. They all wear the 'right' costume too.
Anybody got "kang tao", ask the local tv to start something like this leh... We need somebody who has the "influence", who has a say in what kind of shows to be on tv. Anybody know any of these people?

Maybe do the band version of the Idols... where bands have 1 week to learn and play different genre of music every week. Wah... that will be very interesting...
band idol?i wouldnt think its a good idea.But honestly, i think one way to promote local music to the public is through the visual media and tv will definitely make such a big impact.There should be a local programme showcasing our local musicians and show snippets of local gigs,and be broadcasted once every 2 or 4 weeks should definitely be beneficial and is a step forward for the local musicians.
hmmm..... maybe james is rite........

we have 2 sell ourselves 1st.....

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