Looking for J-Rock guitarists


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Heyo, some friends and I are keen on forming a J-Rock originals/cover band. Currently looking for lead and rhythm guitarists preferably, otherwise just a lead is all g.

Primarily J-Rock, but other genres of Japanese music or anisongs in general are aight too. Some bands we're fans of are Man With a Mission, Amazarashi, Coldrain, Vaundy, Arukara, WANIMA, One OK Rock and some others.

You can find the vocalist over on IG: https://www.instagram.com/candee_melodee/
Drummer here: https://www.instagram.com/ashurarirurero/
Bassist doesn't have anything up anywhere yet.

We're mostly pretty chill and new to the whole forming a band scene despite having played for a while, so if you're down for that fresh vibe or can be patient with a bunch of newbies, hit either the vocalist or myself up here or on IG.

Current plans are just looking for members and discussing how we go from there.
Thanks in advance.
Beware of this band, started by Dee and Ash.

Classic bait and switch tactics.

They will try to lure you in with an 'original' they supposedly wrote, but actually commissioned online. But they won't tell you this because they are mediocre musicians incapable of writing a single line of original music.

Then they will make you write an original piece of music, but stonewall you once you've finished it.