Live Jazz, where good???


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ever since Somerset bar called its biz quit, I haven't been able to find a regular hangout place to listen to some some really good Live Jazz...

Not really interested in those irregular gigs (esplanade, youth park etc) but rather, pubs/clubs where I can suddenly have the adrenaline rush and go down the next min and can hear cool jazz any day, for instance, just like Somerset bar.

Please would you guys recommend me any Live Jazz pubs/clubs please?
Thanks, cheers.
hmmm...Harry's Bar located off Boat Quay?

There are quite a few branches around the Island which includes Holland V and the Esplanade (if i'm not wrong) as well etc...

Harry's Bar is one of those pioneer bars in Singapore dedicated to the local jazz scene and you might wanna drop by someday to check it out?
'round midnight' at cuppage terrace. behind starhub. starts 10pm - 6am. happy hour 10pm - 12am. live music 12am - 5am
Jazz@SouthBridge is pretty nice...

How's About Midnight? Din like Swing much... 8) Management issues...

Has anyone tried Blue Note at Boat Quay... Looks very relac and intimate.
Been to Jazz@ b4, didn't like the "atmosphere". It feels well... "serious", not relaxed. I prefer the kind of relaxing feeling that Somerset Bar brought to its customers. Thanks very much guys for your info.

Is there anymore???
hhhmmm personally i think it's quite relaxing leh, i know one of the directors John, who is can hold his liquor and vocals well haha and he's damn jolly one. try talking to them...