lif will love this...


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actually, i just got bored. :? sorry for the crappy image. have no idea how it'll look on your comps since i didn't calibrate my monitor.

picture from guitar player, april 2005.


DS-1 is a trademark of Roland . The Boss logo, the pedal are all trademark and copyrighted by Roland. I am in no way affliated with them.
That would make a nice wallpaper for the pc at my workplace... Too bad got no GT2 ones... Maybe should make one myself... Hmmm...

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I've managed to tweak my MT-2 into something warm and smooth. Like Brian May's. But of cos my pickup has something to do with it as well.
By the way, I saw a MODDED version of DS-1 ped at Guitar Connection. Retailing for $140. Thats above normal stock price. LED changed to Blue and circuitry modified. Any comments regarding MODDED pedals? They good or bad?
hmm.. i personally got 2 modded pedals, sd-1 and ds-1. The modded pedals sound fatter and warmer than the stock pedals but i guess its all up to personal taste.. u shld test the pedal out and then see if u like it or not.. let ur ears decide wats best.. :wink: