LF Drummer (Casual Pop/Indie 3-Piece Band)


New member
Hi everyone!

We are looking for a drummer to fill in our rhythm section.
Currently we have a female vocalist/guitarist, guitarist and bassist (mostly late 20s-30s.)
Our jams mostly take place once every month.

Sarah Kang - End Credits
Oscar Lang - Song About Me
Yo La Tengo - Automatic Doom
Taylor Swift - All Too Well
Tele Novella - Stephanie Says (The Velvet Underground Cover)
Jaurim - 25, 21
DAY6 - You Were Beautiful
DAY6 - Congratulations

Just drop me a PM if keen!
Hi Brendan, I know this might be a long shot. Like your indie/pop song playlist. Anytime if you need a drummer pm me @chapster95. Thanks.