Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven [The Satanic Messages]


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I dunno if you guys have seen this, but just take a look if you haven't.

Is this just coincidental or is Led Zeppelin really a demon worshipper? Does anyone know how to do such things? If yes please share.

I find it very freaky that such things happen around us, the subliminal messages of people right under our noses and we don't notice them. :roll:
no offence but its completely retarded.
Robert Plant once said that if we to put ANY messages at all in Led Zep recordings it would be 'buy more of our records' than anything else. ANYTHING sounds Russian,evil, and demonic if you play it backwards and slow it down.
Another point, if playing the messages backwards is Satanic then playin them forwards is non-Satanic? as far a ridiculous logic goes..
Of course it's rubbish, but it's funny.

If I were Jimmy Page, despite being a rich genius, I'd put something more subliminally compelling in than "There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer."

That isn't very evil. A toolshed. Unless it was some kind of haunted toolshed. With devils and stuff.
Led Zepp's Stairway rumours

Dear GJKung,

So, you've dug up that ol' rumour about subliminal messages in classic rock music, aye? As a boy, I was plagued by rock-bashers and their defamatory assaults on all forms of popular, secular music.

As a music fan, I would like you to hear me out, if you are willing to. Speaking from first-hand knowledge - there is no magic to making a great record - just artistry, hard work and technology.

If somebody decided that a certain phrases of a song contain hidden messages: he must be paranoid; bored enough to play his records backwards; jealous of someone else's talent; or unaware of how versatile the English language can be

Do try to search for Jimmy Page/ Robert Plant interviews and hear what they have to say and hear some sensible answers. Check out Rollingstone magazine.

As for Satanism, don't be fooled by rock'n'roll stereotypes. Also, we should not judge other people's beliefs until we are willing to learn more about them.

Don't be afraid to rock on.

Lol ive heard alot of peeps saying the "playing backwards thing" haha. Coincidence only lah brudder =D
Did anyone try to play the song backward? Could the link with the one supposedly playing backwards have been doctored to make it sound like that? I heard some other version of stairway to heaven played backward but none of them sounded so obvious played backward.
Yeah I heard Robert Plant sort of broke down when he heard that there were satanic messages. Anyway, Jimmy Page was involved in the occult for a while but not the entire band.

Awesome song it still is :D .

try play backward wif pop songs....... try it out...... the result is the same..... so all songs r satanic lor.......


judge 4 urselves, guys.......

Listen with an open mind man. Songs are meant to be played forward, not backward. Don't do it since you'll just frighten yourselves and give yourselves doubts about music.
Let's Zepp - more Satanic music etc.

You are right in saying 'let's have an open mind about music' and 'let's listen to more nice Satanic music' and 'songs are meant to be heard in forward order'.

I guess we'll never really know the whys and hows surrounding Stairway, since it has been shrouded in mystery for three decades or so - and still is.

All I can guess is that people experiment with music all the time: the geniuses, the eccentric, the doped-up:)

The funny thing is, I have a few examples of deliberately demonic music in my collection, such as the horror and humour of Rob Zombie - and it doesn't spook me, it just puts a smile on my face.

As for playing pop songs backwards, I have had my lame experiments decades ago. Madonna sounds groovy, whether listened to forward or backward! As for the backwards thing, I apparently heard 'Love makes the world go round' sung as 'I don't want to go to heaven'! It's a laugh, I tell you! Anyway, she's groovy, no doubt...

But the reverse effect can be used very artistically. Check out the drum patterns of the Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever or Don't Stop by the Stone Roses which is nearly a complete reversed version of another Stone Roses song! Cool.

Cloudsky said:
Yeah I heard Robert Plant sort of broke down when he heard that there were satanic messages. Anyway, Jimmy Page was involved in the occult for a while but not the entire band.

yeah with alister crowley (sp) like steve vai haha KNOX
I think it is hardly coincidental.

Do you guys realise how much detail there is in that backward verse?

about 666: http://www.av1611.org/666/

and I don't know that alot of songs have hidden messages played backwards.

anyway, I'm not trying to argue that led zeppelin is satanic or anything. It's just that I find this bizarre and decided to bring it up. 8O
Led Zepp etc.:if 6 was 9

Hmmm, I'll have to concede with the finding of non-coincidence.

As for 666, er, unless you are Jewish or Christian, you wouldn't be bothered about the nummber, nor be concerned with the Beast etc. Satanists have their own origin concerning 666, which isn't based on the Bible at all. I shall not devulge the mystical info, he-he:)

Concerning 'many songs having hidden messages' - actually, very few have been made and fewer still contain backwards messages.

When I talked about Madonna, I wasn't refering to hidden messages. I was only showing you how we can reading things into that which isn't there, such as making shapes out of clouds.

And about the Beatles etc., these artists used technology to create unique sounds - not subvert rock'n'roll into an evil art. I mean, look at hip-hop and record-scratching - reverse effects used, there, right? Mutha-f__, mutha-f__, wickeee, wickeee, eeewww....:)

Thanks for starting this interesting post. It has raised a few eyebrows.


Well, i suppose, if u're religious enuff..u could choose to abstain from that song..or other satanic songs in particular..it's ur discretion man..but keep on rocking if it's ur passion..juz tread carefully man..cheers~! ;P