LASALLE's MA Music Therapy


The MA Music Therapy programme is delivered within a robust framework of musical aesthetic excellence, well-evidenced theories and rigorous clinical practice training that is informed by professional ethics, guidelines and best practices. It is the only such programme in Singapore.

You will contribute to the health, wellness and well-being of people across the lifespan of your practice that is deeply rooted in cultural contexts, including those encountered in Singapore and across the region.

The profession of music therapy is the scientifically informed use of music interventions within a therapeutic relationship that aims to provide functional, educational, rehabilitative or well-being outcomes. Music therapists have a deeply rooted identity as musicians. With education/training, this relationship with music finds new meanings in the application of musical skills, aesthetic mastery and therapeutic competencies within health-giving and health-maintaining contexts.

The practice involves working in therapeutic public health settings such as acute hospitals, community hospitals, hospices, mental health institutions, nursing homes, group homes, community centres and NGOs, as well as providing consultations and care in private practices.
Music therapists provide therapeutic services across all age-groups ranging from infants to children and adolescents, adults, and older adults (including those living with dementia). These services may be offered in such settings and contexts as paediatric units, education environments, medical facilities, and specialised care facilities including purpose-built palliative units and hospices.

Credentialed music therapists such as graduates from this programme are governed under a strict code of ethics and professional standards to ensure a high level of integrity in their practice with children and vulnerable adults.

  • Orientation to Music Therapy (15 credits)
  • Approaches in Music Therapy (15 credits)
  • Music Therapy Methods (15 credits)
  • Clinical Musicianship (15 credits)
  • Clinical Applications in Music Therapy I: Children & Adolescents (15 credits)
  • Clinical Placement I (15 credits)
  • The Agora (30 credits)
  • Clinical Applications in Music Therapy II: Adults (15 credits)
  • Clinical Placement II (15 credits)
  • Final Research (60 credits)
  • Music Therapy in Professional Contexts and Culture (15 credits)
  • Clinical Placement III (15 credits)