Korg Ax1500G LCD


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Those who own this should know the lack of brightness the LCD has...

I am assuming there is nothing wrong with mine.. but it is around 80% dimmer than the Zoom ones..

Randolf.. can anything be done? :?:
I own one....and i think it's fine...only thing i have against it...is when there's light directly above it, i can't see no shiet
jony said:
Randolf.. can anything be done? :?:

Hi Jony,
Been swamped with stuff lately sooo sorry I din reply earlier. Hope it's not too late. Anyway, regarding the LCD problem. I have this to share with you.
I've replace some lcd displays for keyboards and multieffect units but the fair warning that you should note is that if there's no brightness and contrast controls from the menus or under the hood chances are the problem will recur. Not to alarm you but even with a circuitry mod to brighten the lcd display the lifespan of the display will not be guranteed for long as many of these units are known to disintergrate over prolonged heat and time. This is one aspect that I personally do consider when commiting to purchasing any units with lcds displays.

Not exactly a solution to your original question but I do hope it provides better understanding ya. PM me if you still have queries about it.