Kawai Digital Pianos


I wonder if anybody uses Kawai digital/stage pianos. Also wonder where in Singapore is the retailer.

Apparently, their discontinued MP9500 had really excellent touch. Some even commended that it surpassed the touch of the Yamaha P series - making it probably the best touch keyboards around. This is a picture of MP4 - their latest model (same touch as the MP9500).


Yes, it looks like the GEM Promega 3 with the drawbars and sloping console.
I don't recall any digital pianos there. But then the last time I was there was years ago...
OK. Now the latest from Kawai - MP8. Check out this link:

I'm very sure the touch is the closest we can get to the real thing since they use REAL WOOD for the keys. (but weight is 32kg!) Also seems that they have improved the piano sound. Definitely in the league of the Yamaha's P250 and S90 series, if not even better in terms of touch. I wish I can get my fingers on one of them...

Digital Stage Piano

Digital Stage Piano
Kawai MP8

Keyboard - 88 wooden keys with weight-graded hammers.
Internal sounds - 256.
Polyphony - 192 voices.
Effects - 7 reverbs, 20 effects, 4-band EQ.
Display - 16-character x 2-line LCD w/backlight.
Dimensions/weight - 57-3/4" W x 17-1/2" D x 7-1/2" H; 70.5 lbs.
Accessories included - Music rack, damper pedal.

88 weighted-key digital piano.

Authentic piano sounds. Ergonomically pleasing action. XLR outs. Handsome design.
Very cool plunger trombone and flugelhorn sounds.


Kawai, www.kawaiusa.com

Hey bongman, thanks for the link for the review! Amazing what they said in keyboardmag - Yamaha's P250 touch + Roland RD700SX ergonomics!! It's like a keyboardist's dream come true! The only thing left is for us to try it out for ourselves.