Just bought my Fender Blacktop Telecaster and need help!


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Hi, i just bought my Fender blacktop Tele recently and i need help on some decision.
I got a Boss gt-8 with me and not frequently in use cause i find it very complicated.
Im wondering if i should sell that and get myself an upgrade on my guitar with installing a Barenuckle Warpig pickup and use the left over fund to buy a single distortion pedal such as suhr riot or some other Pedal. Please guide along, thanks :D:):)
What kinda music do you play, what effects do you think you need other than distortion?

I personally find the Boss GTs terrible anyway but need more info to make any suggestions. Nice choice of tele though!
i play rock songs like muse and paramore ;D
thanks :D

Sounds like a good decision. For Muse you might also want to consider a small multi fx unit like the Line 6 DM4 or M9 for the crazy flangers/phasers/chorus/delay stuff.

Distortion wise, the Suhr Riot is an excellent pedal, kinda sad that I had to sell mine. I would definitely buy it back in the future. Another great brand to check out is Wampler pedals. You may wanna check out the pinnacle, plextortion and the triple wreck. Those are the main distortions that he makes.
If you want something versatile then get the m9 for mods, filters, delays and verb but use the dirt on it for the time being. From there u can get an idea of what kind of distortion you want.. I have something against Wampler's dirt so I wouldn't recommend them, esp the trip wreck.. No offense to the guys that love his stuff haha.

You can try stuff like:
High gain monster from g77, similar to a riot but cheaper.
Suhr Riot from woodworkz
Germ4 muff from sound alchemy (or any store that distributes ehx)
Fuzz factory (For muse) Ebenex has them

Its practically impossible to get a distortion/ fuzz that covers modern rock to muse, you'll probably end up with at least 2-3. There are many more but those are just a few that came to my mind.
im considering with either suhr riot or wampler pinnacles. maybe i should install bareknuckle warpig 1st then decide :D

For muse, don't get the fuzz factory. Its only good for a few songs (plug in baby) Get a good distortion pedal or a multi-efx.
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im trying to find a good multi efx pedal.
im not getting a multi efx anymore cause its alot hard to use.
just that im looking around the second hand market but still cant find anything good.
You can also look for distortion pedals with a boost switch, like Box of Rock, Wampler Pinnacle etc. I have one Wampler Pinnacle for sale.
Boss Gt's are not that terrible if you know your way around as with other multi fx. Make do with what you have first, you'll be surprise in what you'll discover. Send me a msg and I'll help you out.
awesome, it seems to me that you like the natural raw sound rather than depending on the multi effects like boss gt-8 does. Both has its plus points. Good stuff
omg i didnt know this thread is still alive. haha
anw just a current update yeah i sold my gt-8.
Bought myself an High Gain Monster and DD-3 and one NUX flanger.
haha oh and im feeding it into Marshell Mg-15cdr.
I dont think im upgrading my amp cause im going to the jamming studio frequently.
And currently im loving my guitar and setup so much! HAHA
thanks all for the advice!! :D
if u got the time, travel down to JB and visit CMmusic. they got much more variety of Squier Tele there.Oh and the John 5 model is simply marvelous :D cheers!