Jason Becker vid w/ Serrana

Jason Becker is amazing. So much more than a shredder.. he infuses his flurry of notes with so much excitement and virtousity. Amazing guy.

And fender coming out with his signature?
Mannnnn....Jason is one blardy big guyyyy~!! The guitar neck looks small~!! ANd check out that pants and sneakersss~!!! WICKEDD~!! :twisted:
Yeah I know. Actually I Don't even need to comment on his playing. His absolutely skilled. His pieces are all brilliant.

Anyways, I read one of his friends did a computer for him to make music even in his paralysed state. Any Info on this?
jason communicates wif ppl thru an eye movement system...

to compose he wears a visor equiped wif a sensor, he moves his head to move the mouse pointer and opens his mouth to click the "mouse button" that is under his chin...
he is a very strong-willed person. I have the Hot Licks vid and the documentary bout him, incredible display of technique and musicality.......Paganini's 5th Caprice performed in 1 take perfectly and also Air.

Fender planning to have JB sig? I wondered what spurred the management to consider this after so many years :roll:
i got this full video on DVD. Not promoting piracy lah but anyone who wants to borrow can PM me :D
I used to be a big fan of neo classical stuff but now i think i can't take all these speed licks ready .... too many notes for my ears! or maybe im just getting old ..