Gibson ES-335 2015 Memphis for sale - MINT & CHEAP!


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Hi all,

A repost.
Up for sale is a Gibson ES-335 2015 Memphis sunset burst (plain maple top) for sale. NOTE this is the 2015 model but completely unplayed. Tags and pickguard covers still on.

This is the real deal. Untouched, unmolested and ungigged! So MINT that the tags are still on. The gloss nitrocellulose can be smelled a mile away. Pickguard protector film still on !! Not a scratch on the case. Even the metal latches on the case are bright and shiny.

This is how a real 60s ES-335 should look like. The preferred grovers tuners on and block inlays. A real 60s neck profile unlike the previous 2016 and current 2017 models with the previous wide flat neck profile of the standard reissue. Another notable point is that this ES-335 was chosen for its light weight and resonant tone. Approx 8.1Lbs. Almost all the newer ES-335s are above 8.5Lbs. Some reaching 9Lbs. That's getting into les paul weight range which nobody wants. Not to mention the stiffer tone that comes with it. No dealer i know will entertain requests to weigh their ES-335 inventories just to find a lighter one...

Going for $4000 (drop from $4200). Slightly negotiable but no lowballers. It is what it is. The value is there whether new or 2nd hand. Buy with confidence. I have sold and am still selling numerous items.

I am willing to accept fair offers and provide reasonable information about the guitar.

I have had a recent enquiry from a certain character who immediately threw out a low ball price stating his serious intent to buy. Upon my price rejection, came back the next day seemingly agreeable on the price but proceeded to ask for pictures. I obliged with the pictures. Then i was asked for spec sheets of the guitar!! I had to even provide a Gibson website link to the guitar.... In the end, he chose not to proceed because of his "alleged" aesthetic preferences ( The clown apparently likes flame tops but said nothing when he saw my plain top pictures and even proceeded to ask for a spec sheet (get this in word DOC format)!!!. This is someone who claims to know what he wants but needs a spec sheet and who has obviously not read my listing which says "plain maple top".) No disrespect to anyone but this is a classic example of a time waster. I can be obliged to explain the differences between plain tops, birds eye maple tops, flamed maple tops if asked up front. I'll even go as far as to explain the differences between 60s and 50s ES-335 specs. But to be hit with cliched condescending statements like " i know what i want."...."tone is in the fingers"... and then being sent a picture of a flamed top tagged with a message - "This is what i am looking for...." is quite something else. I am not a sales guy working in Swee Lee. I reserve the right to tell time wasters to bucker off.

I apologize for the rant and crankiness. The fact that it is now 3am may have something to do with it. In general, the majority of softies i have had the pleasure of doing business with are really straight up honest and nice people.

Interested parties please contact me at 9889 3359


Kind Regards,