Jamming studios?


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Anyone knows of any jamming studios in Tiong Bahru area? Its rather toublesome cos' we feel that its really far when we go jamming which takes like 1 hour to reach...

Anyone can introduce any places?

Thanks! :D
tiong bahru??...well.....at that area i'm not sure...but if u go west the nearest will be Ann music studio at commonwealth rd....if east it'll be one of the many studios in town area......if u want accessibility, walking distance near mrt....Seng chye is near jurong East mrt, beat merchant is near bugis mrt, velvet joint is near little india mrt, garage and carudi studio near farrer park mrt(if i'm not wrong), wee lee music is near aljunied mrt, musiczone is near marsiling mrt.....
Oh, try city hall? LOL, Peninsular Hotel, where davis is. Just walk around on the 2nd or 3rd level i think you should see some. Or is it the other building I'm not so sure. Can try =) Go explore abit first so you'll know where's the shop.

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