James pls come in


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Hi James, this is Kevin from Chris's band .. hah..
A little suggestion here: why not open up a session that
let musicians can post their profiles. Then people could
surf around and match themselves up...

sorry my english is poor, hope u can understand what i mean.


all the best for soft.com.sg! I really like it!
Hi Kevin

Good to watch you guys perform today at the HeartRock gig.

Your suggestion is great! In fact, we can do a "Hi my name is XXX and I ...."

We can create a new thread under the Kopti-tiam lah. You wanna start it?

Will post your pix up soon.


i think musicianmatch is doing a great job offering that service and i respect their affort.

okie okie, i will start the Introduce Yourself thread and you must also add on to it quickly. :wink: