i've got the GAS attack again!


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Does anyone know the price of the Jackson RR at sweelee?

And, should i get the ESP SV, Edwards RV or Jackson RR?

anyone have any experience with the above axes?
Nobody can choose your guitar for you. Thats like asking someone to pick your clothes. What you can do, is go down and try these models out, and pick the one you 'feel' best with.

Each and every model is different and unique, and we all have different ears. So if you go down and give them a try, I'm sure you'll realize which ones you like best :) . Pick the one which has (to you) nice tone and great feel. That way you'll never go wrong.
problem is ESP SV and Edwards RV isnt found in singapore, and Jackson RR is sold at sweelee, in the glass showroom. i dont think they'll let me in just to try it out, so im asking if anyone have ever played em
if you ask them to let you try it out, they should.

you just need to know how to ask politely and express your interest that you are serious and not there just to muck around :)