is playing it another way wrong?


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i wonder is playing song differently from how the original player had played it wrong? although it sounds exactly the same?

example liberty by steve vai..,s,1306,Steve+Vai,Liberty,71777

and this is the one from powertab.. said its the one steve vai played


so if we play it differently.. does it simply means we'r wrong? or its okay as long it sounded the same?

sorry if sounded not clear.. i do not know how to explain though :wink:
How much diff?
IMO its imposible to copy exactly as Steve Vai.

If you try to "catch" this tune by ear, i dont think it`ll be as transcribe on the *.ptb.
Anyway Vai might use other notes too..just an opinion though..

I hate i like to transpose notes to my liking ...thats all
That's a nice song. Just play it the way you like it. Be comfortable. So long as it sounds good it's fine. Check out the "Tribute to Satriani/Vai' cd. The players did covers but with their own feel to it :)

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