Invitation to bands to play at Community event at Bishan East


New member
I would like to invite bands to play at our upcoming musical concert in Bishan East organized by the Bishan East community in collaboration with CDC CLAP! on October 1, 2011.

It's the 1st of our quarterly concerts. It's an event organized by the community for the youths in the community. We hope you will support us by participating.

We hope to become a platform where youths from Central can come together to showcase their talent. We are thinking along the lines of mentorship, talent scouting etc. and are working hard to make these elements come true.

As a volunteer outfit, we will do our best. If you wish to volunteer and be a part of the team, please contact me. We do need all the help we can get.

Besides bands, we are also inviting youths who would like to emcee, either English or Chinese, stage producers, production crew, DJs to join us.

Come, help us succeed, we need you. Let's grow CLAP!@Bishan. I can be reached at 83824283 email

Thank you.