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-san is nt tht easy. it doesnt have a simple meaning like for males or females. its to differenciate between generations or somethin like tht. -dono -san n a few more such complex simple words :lol: According to my cousin tho.
-dono is for elder females if I recall correctly, -sama is for superiors of both sexes

-san is normally male but I've seen it used for females also..... hmm not too sure.
mero is gaijin?foreigner? kakko ii! nayy~yr nihongo yoi..... ^^ demo watashi?watashi nihongo wa sukoshi hanasemasu...hahs!
haha i meant gaijin in terms of foreigner........ Actually what I said (in my broken romanji) was :

good evening, (can't really explain dozo yoroshiku, it's just some stock japanese greeting)

sorry, I am a foreigner, I can't speak Japanese

yea~hahaa,madee a mistake there!i born in singapore woo! dun learn jap except some mediocre sentences.....forgive me if i have any problems understanding!!
Haha mine are just random stuff that I picked up from Japanese friends or while watching anime or playing JP games.

on afterthought I think the term haijimemashite (nice to meet you) instead of dozo yoroshiku would be more suitable. Oh well :lol:
ahhhh~anything will settle! but personally i lyk the "yoroshiku" lahh!i always use one~hahaa! wanna add me at msn?i'm lookin for more ppl to chat with!!! mine is ayyyeee!~i verii young created the acc one,hence the name~hahs! blahh
i know BAKA.
yea, forgot all my japanese words except some basics.

if it helped, i'm taking jap lessons starting next week.
is ka ni na a jap word?

it actually means just now in filipino tagalouge or however you spell it.

This forum is COLD!!!!!!!!! "nar bei" a indian word?the answer's for ya to find out! ^^
hey!how can a forum be cold when singapore's weather's fuckin hot?!! HATE THE WEATHER!!*grumbles*