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minna san!!yoroshiku ne!!watashiwa yoko desu!! new to the forum but old to music...yup!vocalist from band "yves en memoria" kakko ii namae har?soshite,look out for waves of yem pretty soonn!!veri into animes and stuff....hoping to develop my music in japan<<<always have this ambition!! yoko is also a cosplayer that means a ultimate fan of animes! anyway, add me at if u wannaa!! jaa ne! >_<
GuitarNoob said:
u're jap, half jap or a singaporean jap wannabe?
OHH NOO!!i am a singaporean!!! true blue singaporean okie!but too bad my grandma is a jap....*weeps* but i'm raised and born in singapore!! ^^
AiraTekkan said:
pionk! yoko-chan has finally signed up here ah.. HAHAHAHA..

wu po ling!! :twisted:
hey hey,i dunno wad's this crazy person is tolking abt.... (O_O) 8O who's wu po ling?what's wu po ling? i have no idea *shakes head*
khai_stereotype said:
just ignore him man.
yea~i'm trying my best!!hahaa!! :eek:

to dario:good that u understand!since u lyk the jap culture soo much,why nt come to the eoy event? >_<