Intro: yokocha

AiraTekkan said:
chao yoko-chan..pretend dunno me... :evil: :evil: :evil:

btw im yves en memoria guitarist. :wink:

EHHHHH!!!wad's "chao yoko chan"? AHHHH!!why u wanna fry me? *weeps*
welcome...its great to see ppl from other country coming to soft and share their music with us...
yahh rrrighttt!!!hey!hey! i'm not called "wu po ling" okieee?!!watashiwa YOKO DESU,YOKKKKKOOOO!!!!!!!! YOKKKKOOOOOOOO!!!!!
yeaa~vox=singer i suppose?nayyyy~my band's nt visual...but anyways,fyi,the first visual band in singapore is probably "Gesshoku" or esclipe,know them cos their leader's my fren~^^ their debut is coming out soon,aanyone wannna support em by buying yr cds? first 20 can have a home-made doll!hahahaa!realli!
but i was jus thinking of having some visual pvs in the future if possible?hahs! and sycododo,love sashimi too! raw stuff rocks!everyone tried raw octopus before?those octopus with "pus" insidee?loVVVEEE ITT!!
uh no, I don't think so........ :lol:

because -san is usually used for males, but mamasans are usually females