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Hello there...

I'm Daniel... been playing guitar since I was 15... so thats about 6 1/2 years now... I'm an instrumentalist and so very passionate about my instrument... Not really into doing songs with vocals because my lyrics are always bad and ITS SO HARD TO RHYME... (fine, you don't really have to rhyme it but still...) Yeah, partially coz I can't sing too... heh... :oops:

My playing style is towards Vai and Mattias Ia Eklundh... I tend to play more differently in terms of sound and techniques used... well, at least I try to! :lol: Whammy bars (Ibanez Edge trems!!!) are a norm for my playing... and right now, I'm getting into jazz while at the SAF MDC... :D I play guitar for my national service... 8)

I listen to a lot of stuff... mainly in the rock, metal and instrumental arena... and althought I don't play stuff like it, I love epic metal... Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Winds, Angra... the like... I love old school thrash metal... Annihilator, Megadeth, Angle Dust, Iced Earth. I love music with stories to them... King Diamond and epic fantasy metal bands... I love stuff with weird guitars in them... Freak Kitchen. And I love the guitars... Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Buckethead, Mattias Ia Eklundh, Paul Gilbert, the like...
One thing, now I'd be very frank here, I totally can't stand most forms of nu metal and alternative stuff... I dunno... I think some are great (Alter Bridge) but most are verysimplistic stuff that makes me cringe... The guitar can do SO MUCH MORE!!! Yeah, its always in the guitarist's perspective... BUT! On the other hand... when things get too complicated.. it starts to get soul-less (to me...). Many prog bands fall into that trap and although I do admire their talent, I find my attention span getting very short after awhile (even some of the above bands are guilty too)... nowadays, almost every prog band sounds like the one before them...

Currently, Duke Ellington is coming up on my to play list... :wink:

And I am not in any band... been a solo artiste all my guitar life, recording my musical ideas and stuff into my trusty laptop...

Well, thats it! I guess thats it, that is... OH! Here's my website with some of my recordings...
hi ShredCow

please say "hi" to Francis Tan and Richard Ong for me! hmm... are they still there? :lol:
Hey ShredCow

I listened to "Reflections" and I thought it was great - it's quite original and features some cool shredding! You're really a very good player. :)

What gear do you use for recording?