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Hi~ Just a short intro on myself. Been following the posts in this forum for a while already, but did not register until today. So here goes.

21 this year, NUS Arts and Social Sciences student

A beginner at guitars, despite it being 2 years since I bought my first "wife", a Ibanez GSA60 which I still love very much, though since then I have added a Craftsman Les Paul type(my mistress) to my collection.

My influences? Mainly J-rock, including L'arc~en~ciel, Glay, Luna Sea, etc.

Just started a band by the name of Hakuryusei (literary means white dragon star) recently.

Hope to try my hand at writing and recording songs this holidays (yes, nus has started its holidays which will last till august).

Personally love all Japanese electric guitars.

Hope to learn much more about guitars and the like in this forum from everyone here.

Yap~ It's a lovely guitar, i like it more than the GRX series then, so bought it over that. Mine's a Jewel Blue version, and I call her "Aya". HAHAHA...
Mr_X said:
nice guitar u have there, the gsa60 i mean. its a good guitar. i use it too. welcome.
sorry about this but will like to check with you, does the tremolo arm of ur GSA60 keep dropping out of the hole? Mine does and I wonder how I can fix it...
hahahaha i leave it alone.hahaha. i seldom use trem. Cos i not pro yet. Besides w/o the trem its just like using a normal les paul. maybe u use masking tape to tape the end which is slotted into the hole, so its slightly thicker and have more friction so wun drop out?

just a suggestion. Hope it can work.