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um hi all! i'm kinda new to soft and all..

basically i'm just an 18 year old n00b bassist.. heh and i hope to make new friends and all (man this sounds like an advert in the "seeking for love" section).

umm a bit about myself i started playing bass 3 years ago, still quite n00b. formally trained in playing the bass and the bass only heh. can play the uprigth and electric so yah. started out like lots of ppl.. playing some really really really simple punk stuff like blink182 8O heh. now still playin abit b4 the As then hafta enlist in the army soon..dammit. haha well hope im not pissing anyone off with my n00bishness :)

well right now i'm in Andrewtheshredder's (Andrew) band yup heh. hope to learn more from everyone here.. all the pros heh
welcome mate....glad to see another bssist join band is currently looking for bassist..and its hard to find one...haha...
aiyoh, n00b my ass man..
gotta check out his bass solos leh hehe.. and his songwriting damn good, got us on radio haha
im so lucky to have him in the band :D

cheers bro..
hey all again!

no la radio one is .. sheer luck lah
heh :D thanks for the warm welcome

and andrew...what bass solo? :twisted: