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Hi everyone,

been observing and using soft for few months now ... but still didn't get to know some people over here. So I thought I should intro myself.

My name is Jonathan Saiman, age 19.
Nationality: Indonesian

Plays: Keyboard, piano, bass, guitar(Past time), drums(Past time) and chinese orchestra instruments (ha ha ha ... i play er hu and ruan instruments ...)

Influences: my many teachers, bandmates, my Church Pianists, Yamaha Music school Indonesian Branch, self taught and experimenting.

Bands: Soul'd Out ( Keyboardist) and Audio Insanity (Keyboardist) ... thinking of becoming a bassist ...

Performing: Jazz(solo), Funk(Sould Out) and Fusion(Audio Insanity).

Listen to: Jazz and All that FUNK .... Currently listening to PROGRESSIVE METAL( Absolutely LOVES DREAM THEATER .... adores all of them except for the singer ... also listen to symphony x, Rhapsody, stratovarious and such)

Please visit my MUSIC BLOG .... It is where I vent my feelings and frustration into music.

Music BLOG:

Please give your feedback on my improvisation technique (All are impro and experimental so i might play a bit differently the next time around). I update regularly.

Hope to get to know more musicians and make more friends
Hi there!!
So u r frm Soul D soul band it is in Singapore to me...Anywae welcome to've listen to the song frm the blog...its cool man...Keep it up..n btw u do listen to songs frm Dreamtheater/Symphony X/Rhapsody/Stratovarius..let me tell u those guys r truly awesome...i think they eat,sleep,walk n all tht stuff wif their music...hehehe. :wink:
Yeah, i absolutly love all the Instrumental and solos done by those bands. My fav would be "Dance of Eternity" by Dreamtheater. I mean, how do they come up with that kind of progression, man.

btw, I saw you at the QF of BOTB.. you guys rocks .... YEAAH METALLICA :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Great to hear that u like "dance of eternity" too. My fav DT song. esp love the part where there is this keyboard solo which i think is damn refreshing. around 2 min 40 i think. welcome to soft too.

I first heard you jam during the school's Art Camp, & i was amazed at how you and the drummer played impromptu!

'Walking in the night' - i can almost see the autumn leaves falling there.
hey jonathan.. simon here!! haha.. not bad la... i think ur improvisation stuff are pretty awesome.. and yes.. this guy is one hell of a keyboardist.. haha.. playing with him in audio insanity.. and i can tell u this.. he's nutz on keys man!! haha..
Thanks for the comment there, sorry for not replying earlier.

sorry soft, havent heard about the song. But try to get my hand on that ... sounds interesting.

And to Mr_X The honky tonk keyboard solo that Ruddess played was really amazing. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think he reuse that solo for the Instrumedly and make it more POWER.

OH YEAAAH simon, so you re on soft oso. (Power Guitarist).

Just got myself cooledit software. so i can make an update again... he he he ... i am thinking of doing collaboration with other people just for the fun of it and record (Just PM me).... just jam.