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Hey all,

Just started posting on the forum, but i've been on soft for the longest time. Good to see that an active community has developed over all these years! Just really quickly: I'm a guitarist, been playing for almost ten years but don't even have half the skill :(
I'm a bit of a gear slut, or a pedal-phile as my guitar buddies put it. You can view some pix of my rig at

See y'all on the forum!
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Wow! You ARE a gear slut! :D

Why is all your stuff up there on stage in the top pic? Was there a gig or something? What type of music do you play?

Anyway, welcome to the forum!!
hey Milk, i've seen ur gear... wowwww! heheheehheh...
u r onstage for a gig or a church thingy??? just curious...

welcome! and enjoi ur stay!
ehh milkmesto, your first electric guitar looks very familiar. Are you Marcus who used to be in chocolate tiger? just curious :)
hey louis, we meet again. yea i'm that guy ;) btw think that first guitar is going to have to go soon... :( moving house and need the space. plus i could use the cash.

and to the rest> thanks for the warm welcome :) its not really that impressive a collection, you should see my boss' pedalboard - that's what i call a pedalboard. chock full of boutique stuff, plus he can really let rip on the guitar. power combi of technique, tone and gear... heh.

i took the pics when i was setting up for worship in church cos the stage lighting makes my gear look real cool :) i have the same amp as they use in my church so... heh. it pays to have gear sluts as church soundmen :D

this setup is really versatile, i can cover a whole lotta styles with it, but i normally play edgy alternative/indierock, punkrock, and occasionally dreamy/lostrock/shoegazer. i'm going to let the small clone go though, not really using it plus im damn sick of chorus. will replace it with a reverb, i think. might take the PM-7 off also and replace it with something else, not decided yet.
MrRhoads said:
hello! can i have the sg? hahaha

haha sorry, that's not for sale.


the squier strat is though, pm me if you're interested. its up for grabs for people looking for a beginner's guitar or want a guitar to hack up for building projects and stuff.