Casual j-pop/j-rock band with some English songs

In my late 30s and looking to form a casual, chill band focusing on j-pop/rock and maybe some English pop/rock songs too. Looking just to play for fun, around once a month. If things work out well, we can also discuss about getting some gigs.

Lots of influence from 90s to songs from recent times so I’m fine with many bands throughout the years so Japanese bands like Larc-en-ciel, Judy and Mary, Do As Infinity, Asian Kungfu Generation, One Ok Rock, Official Hige Dandism are all fine. The songs will be decided by everyone, especially the vocalist.

Have been playing the guitar for many years but just started learning the bass by myself so I’m looking to play the bass.
Welcome anyone interested in joining as a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and drummer.

Drop me a pm with your number and we can discuss further :D
Hi,i'm interested in joining your band as a vocalist.I'm Chris here and please
WhatsApp me at: +6582068960.
Vocalist position is open. Welcome anyone open-minded to do more songs together, though focus is still on j-rock/j-pop. We can always work out suitable key and tempo to the songs. Let me know! :D