Intro : Faiith


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Just thot i'd drop in and say Wassup!

Never knew this site existed till the SlipKnot gig (which rawked by the way despite wat the damn Americans say!), so here I am!

Glad to see a forum of this sort born and bred in Singapore!

\m/ Rawk on! \m/
what i think you should do is post general stuff like age and name and stuff you do.. like instruments or errr i duno.. anything.. what kinda music you're into and all that.
hi Faiith, welcome welcome!

i saw in your profile that you like to do design stuff. what do you do?
hehe im feelin' the love now..

im a graphic designer so i guess i design everything that gets thrown in my face!
ahh, such is the life of a corporate slave!

buuuut, having said that, i still love my job! I get to make things pretty! woo hoo!

and yes, SlipKnot rawked my sawks off! they made Linkin Park look like Boyzone! (No offence to any LP or Boyzone fans that is!) i feel it... hek hek...thanx 4 de welcum guys!!!! and u too especially faith..hav fun in here...