In need of Opinions! Which Amp is better?


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Greetings Rocking people!

Looking through my previous post, I've learnt about some wonderful amplifiers around for me to choose from. Thanks for the responds!

After some consideration and calculation my Budget. I've Narrowed down my Amp choices to the Vox Valvtronix+ VT40 and the Line 6 Spider IV(4) 30.

Vox Valvetronix+ is a 60Watt amp.

I intend to get my amp from the City Music Year End sales.
The Vox is priced at $249 and the Line6 is priced at $256. Relatively close in price range. Well within my Budget of $300.

The two amps are Great amps that provide a player with a gargantuan choice of Presets and Tone variety to choose from.

However, I haven't really gotten the chance to go down and test it.

I would like to have some opinion about this two amps and which is a better bang for money!

I prefer an amp with everything in it, save money on the combo pedal though that brings in convenient on stage to switch effect (I'm poor).

and i prefer a more versatile amp which can cover clean and dirty very well.
I usually play stuff from Alter Bridge but hopes to cover a wider scale of musical genres. Especially Blues and Jazz to get the basic right and than to Grunge and Metal.

Right! Once again, Thank You very much for your contribution! This is of great help to me!

Sorry for ranting and making countless retarded Treads in this forum(If i have offended you with my stupidity)
I'm still learning.

Thank You :p:):D;):confused::confused::)
I've already decided on the Vox Valvetronix+ VT40! After watching the Reviews over and over again, I've notice the differences.

Vox is a Tube amp and the Line 6 is a Solid state amp different.

I prefer the Tube amp's warmer tone.

Thanks for the opinions!
The pre-amp section of the Valvetronix is digital and the power section is solid state, as stated in the marketing material. The 12AX7 acts as a phase inverter like in a proper tube power section.

Wow! I learnt something new! Thanks for the information!

Eh...Sorry if im a Noob. But what's a Phase inverter? and what do you mean by Power section is Solid state?

Im a complete idiot at this.

Pardon me. The only electric set i owned is a retarded SX beginner Stratocaster with the 10watt small Crappy amp which i have no idea wth is inside.