i know where to get ahead sticks


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its at peninsula plaza......at basment 1....jus ask the music shops there where is nigels shop...or where is drum resources...they bring you there...very nice ppl...there.....artiste sticks are $$68....normal....$$65

he also sells gloves drums....and other stuff nice man
Thanxx for the info and the enthusiasm.

FYI, Nigel is a Soft lurker too.. 8O

U cld find him ard here if u're lucky. Refer to his own thread somewhere here.

Btw, ur news is kinda old but nevertheless, have fun with those Ahead!
I still have 1 brand new pair of lars ulrich signature sticks for sale :p Anyway these sticks are great to use, though I am not a drummer. Used them a few times when I had to stand in as a drummer. These sticks are heavy. I had like 4 free pairs. Sold away 2, keeping 1 pair for myself.
Hi Utha,

Thanks for coming by, forgive me if i dun remember who yu are, i meet alot of people everyday. Hehehe, come by often and say your name and i will remember you!


Thanks for you informing people about me. :D


Yo Yo Yo, wats up! Yup, you are right, i am lurking ard here. Wish i had the time to post more but i try my best to reply.

Maybe I should have my own section under my company name .... hehehe




ooooooooo..... Thanks for the support, I would love to have my own section, but probably i need to pay for the space.
haha, for drums, i dont even mind helping to maintain and pay for the section... but oh well... i'm a huge supporter of ur shop... i think its great we have such drum-specialised shops in sg... weeeeeee.... rock on nigel

dude! I am previlaged to have you and your support. I will continue to work hard to get new and quality products here and around SG, so that all drummers may be refreshed with new sounds and gears.

In all my endeavors, i will always remember these:

1.) Drum gears & equipments are like cars, they help us by taking us to where we want to go (destination) and a little bit faster (time). But it is the skills of the driver that mattered most, as like us drummers, lets continue to help each other improve our skills. Let's make each one better.

2.) I am only human and at times, I do make mistakes or get tired sometimes. When I do, please forgive me. Let's grow together.

haha... i think jennakunkers wants to whack u up... dont worry nigel, u've got me Mr Sex Cymbal... ahahah... i'll whack her with my 18" crash cymbal... haha ok i'm nuts... hey nigel, keep us posted on happenings with ur shop or maybe new cool stuff we might wanna get our hands on yeah? aight, this is ur fan signing off... if i do come by soon, my name is prabs... haha... so i'll look for u...

oh no! i dun want any injuries .... hehehe .... come by and see me anytime ... :D

Wah Piang! how on earth did you put that pic there? i am so mountain tortise when come to internet .....
i would prefer he not put tat pic there, it distorts the screen and i gotta scroll left and right to read all the posts..
oops... sorry... i meant for it to be much smaller... nigel, u go sign up at www.photobucket.com then go upload whatever picture u want... then after that there'll be a link for the image, and it'll fall under the IMG thing... copy it and paste it onto ur singature area in ur profile...
i wanted to go to ur shop but it was closed u did not open yet...btw my name is Eugene jus in case i go to ur shop