i just wanted to say...

the girls from slunt are wicked hott. i think the name is pretty cool too, slut+cunt=slunt. coming from a girl rock-group, i think it's pretty progressive. the ex-guitarist from kitty was hot, and their bassist is kinda hot in a crack-addict-rave-chick kinda way.

err.....of course, i like rockin-girls-next-door too, like The Donnas.
Lol true. female bassist look uber hot.

nitrovo: were u at PS like 2 days ago? metallica shirt? lol. think i saw you there or something.
nitrovo said:
yeah just before slipknot. i was at carrerfours buying beer, then drinking the beer a t burger king lol

Ah! no wonder. thought you looked familiar. but serious man, your girl friends, some are hot chicks lol. and one looked really familiar, i think she went for Unity of Agression.