I have a TGM guitar


lol I have a TGM acoustic... fitted it with GHS strings and it sounds pretty good... well-seasoned and all.. guess not all of their stuff is crap.

hehe..i hav a tgm too!it's a strat..it's really not bad 4 tt price..i vote it over craftsman strat(the $180 1)...but it's the older 1s..n i think the newer 1s r crappier...
IMO the only good stuff that TGM produces are the acoustics.
ok la.. getting a guit from tgm is like playing 4d.. must get number nice nice one, if not, waste money and will leave u cursing and swearing..
I think their acoustics are okkkaay... for beginners but usually one would want a better one after a year or so. (some pple quit after a year so like not much loss)

TGM electrics are bad man... the frets are sooo straight that my friend's high e string got caught under it while playing. if it snapped...