I bet you would QUIT smoking!

8O 8O 8O Gosh!!! is dis fer real? so scary larh.... 8O

thank God i nvr smoke...dun even wanna think bout it...

seriously larh...is the video real? hahaha
LOL! It'll be so funny to see people on the streets getting abused, shaved, bullied, chased and shot at. =x

Okay outburst of sadism. I'm sorry. Lol.
yes... they shld jolly well

1) Reduce price of cigarettes
2) Remove all the fugly pics on the packaging
3) Tear down the dumb "look here" poster. honestly, the 'no smoking' sign on it is so small, that it does not serve the purpose at all.
Oh well, its all for the health of the people in general, smoking doesn't only affect the smokers you know =)
This is so damn lame.... hahahhaa
To think abt it, if it realli happens in singapore, then the singapore Courts will be filled with cases about these and smokers will be rioting!! hahahha
THIS IS FAKE. hahahhaa

wth man...i tot i saw my nick in there! 8O

good thing im no smoker :D

btw...how can the storekeeper throw the cigg packet at his customer after he paid...furthermore kicked out without even getting his packet instead getting a free shirt and mayb a few bullet holes if he is unlucky :(

i guess its fake... :lol: