I ams teh hardcore guitar n00b


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I can't really play anything, can someone advise me to simple, but proper songs. I dont want to learn things like skip to my lou and twinkle little star.

I want to learn some really easy songs that could be found on a place like mxtabs.

i started off from godsmack, creed, nirvana, deftones
i think they are managable.
those chords and stuff not into solo stuff yet.
Some stuff I teach my beginner student:

Oasis - Wonderwall
Wish You were Here - Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
Bryan Adams - Run to You
Nirvana - Polly

Easy chords, and with some interesting 'twiddly bits'
Evanescence is really simple and good stuff, goog souding too.. hahaha
senses fail? they're rather simple too...
boulevard of broken dreams by green day...
ok my songs atm are run to you and polly with a little bit of metal - for whom the bell tolls. just need to polsih up on that

Runaway Train by Soul Asylum..

5 minutes sure can play one...

Confirm, chop plus guarantee :supz: