how u guys pronouce these brands?


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:lol: often got the brand names wrong...

how u guys pronouce ibanez, fernandes and squier?

i still dont know these how to pronouce these 3 brands.. some people call it..

ibanez - E-BA-NEZ, E-BANDS

squier - SQU-WER, SQU-KE

fernandes - FER-NAN-THIS, FER-NUTS
ibanez = AI-BAH-NEZ
squier = SKUAI-ER
fernandes - FUR-NAN-DEZ.

that wraps up phonetics 101. thank you class.

thash just the way i pronounce it la. dunno if there's a right or wrong. but fernandes sure ain't fer-nuts man....heh.
Mm i tot the clip that has Paulgilbert in it.. like introducing his PGM..

the new one. then he say E bah nehz. dunno lol.
Vaiyen said:
now, I have come across a few artistes, endorsees at that, who pronounce Ibanez as I-Ber-Nehz

That's how the Americans pronounce it, according to their CD sampler for their Ibanez products..
It's Eng Vay Malmsteen as far as i know, that's what Satch called him, at least i think that's the real correct pronounciation for his name .....
sheck ter
i remember once my friend didn't know how to pronounce squier then she said "what's this? Squirrel?" LOL.
Okie...not guitar/music related but I've always wanted to know how to pronounce these fashion brands:

F.c.u.k. (the forum renamed the word to 'love' if I don't put in the period! *lol*)
Of the 3, only one makes for an interesting discussion.


Let me tell you a lil bit of history. The name was influenced by this spanish lutherian called Salvador Ibáñez, natively pronounced sahl-vah-door ee-bahn-yez.

Then, somehow, the japanese pronounced it ai-bah-ni-zu which in turn in proper british english is Ee-buh-nehz but in shitloads of American hay it's Aye instead of Ee.

As for Squier it's pretty obvious, and its NOT squeer. Don't u know how to pronounce QUIET? Of course instead of eht it would be uhr. Same goes for Fernandes u hear so much of it on tv what else can it sound like? Oh yes, natively (spanish, italian, portuguese etc) it would be Fehr-nahn-dehss.

Yngwie. In Indo-European languages w is a double v and not a double u, and ie can be ee or in between ee and eh. Yng would be yes, a very quick ying. Wie is NOT vay, but rather veh or in germanic regions veeh.

Schecter, another germanic word. Sch is simply Sh. C is light K or sometimes silent. Shehk. Ter would be tur as in turn. Shaehk-tur. Shaehk = in between shehk and the "shack" that you live in. However u may say it as Shehk also no problem.