how to relieve shaky fingers when play guitar


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hi there,

I have been playing guitar for more than 6 years. Whenever i play guitar my fingers start to get shaky. Anyone knows how to help this?

you should consult a doctor, it could be something to do with your nerves.
just a question, does it get shaky only when u play in front of an audience (meaning even in front of 1 person or more), or is it trembling even when u r playing alone?

if in front of others, then chances are u're just nervous. if it happens all the time regardless of public or private time, u could be having nerve problems.

ask urself, does it tremble when u write? type? hold a cup? if so, go consult a neurologist, or get a referral from your family doctor.
Well, then the good news is that you probably don't have Parkinson's disease.

The bad news is that you probably have a mild phobia commonly called 'stage fright'.

There are a number of techniques to overcome it - the first is the obvious radical aversion therapy where you confront your fear as directly as possible by performing as often as possible, or doing anything in front of a crowd like public speaking etc.

Next, you can try various things to make yourself feel more comfortable such as (very commonly used) imagining the entire crowd naked (this works for me when I speak in public as I frequently address all female groups ;)).
If you are afraid of playing bum notes or doing stuff wrong be aware that 99% of audiences have no clue what it is that you should be playing, are not musical and quite often (and quite sadly) aren't paying attention anyway and are too busy chatting to friends or ordering drinks. If you play something wrong, few people are going to notice so why worry? :) This might help you calm your nerves a little.
Thanks for the advice.

I think I have stage fright. coz the first time I perform on stage playing my guitar in a pub, the expert guitarist was sitting beside me. When I start to play guitar I even play the chords wrongly and stop. The guitarist beside me dont know say "play slowly" or "play again". I have no choice and replay my composed song again in front of the audience.

No problem - everyone has to go through it. Here, read this and have a laugh.

This was the first real gig I ever played in my life. I used to have a real problem with nerves. I would get so nervous before a gig that I could usually be found backstage somewhere throwing up. Being the first gig, I was new to the terror of stage fright and for the whole week before this gig I was so stressed out that I'd periodically pass out from nervous exhaustion. Finally on the day of this gig, I decided that this shit wasn't for me and after this gig I'm quitting the band and quitting the guitar. I couldn't bear to get on that stage for some reason. I remember when we were doing the soundcheck, my wah-wah broke and I lost my signal. I knelt down over the wah-wah and just started hitting it. I remember looking up and the room just seemed surrealistic. Everybody looked like these aliens building the equivalent of a giant ant farm. I heard myself saying the words "help me" over and over. Did you ever see the original version of the movie "The Fly" with Vincent Price? At the end of the movie there's this fly with the head and arm of a man and it's stuck in a spider web. It's panicking and screaming in the munchkin-like voice "help me! help me!". That's what I sounded like to myself as I sat there in my delusionary panic. I guess from there I went on auto-pilot to finally get onstage and start the show. The funniest thing happened when I hit the first chord of the first song. I felt like I was reborn. All the nervousness went away and was replaced with this powerful feeling of calm and control. As the show progressed I metamorphosized into a different person. All the bad self esteem and insecurity melted away and was replaced by confidence and conviction. I was not a greaser, a jock, or any other label kids put on you in school. I was Steve Vai and I was playing my guitar and it didn't matter if I was cute, ugly, cool, liked or disliked. That damn guitar and the feeling of being on the stage changed my entire view of who I was, and what the world meant to me. I was 13 years old and discovered there was no turning back. This is what I wanted to do, had to do, and was destined to do in this particular life. It was very nice.
thanks for the story.

Whenever the more I get nervous and wanted to perform well, the more I didnt follow the rhythm. That is why that time during when I play lead guitar with my band, I didnt follow the rhythm of the other band members and I got fed up and tell them I wanted to quit joining their band.

hey man you're not alone...

Whenever i go sweelee to even test pedals, i will tremble.. Cause the cute sales girls will be like looking lah, then cant play properly. zzz

It applies to male as well. Lol strangers that is.
I used to get that the first 3 or 4 times I preformed, I guess it just faded with experience or as you get more confident in your own skills.
Newbie said:
hey man you're not alone...

Whenever i go sweelee to even test pedals, i will tremble.. Cause the cute sales girls will be like looking lah, then cant play properly. zzz

It applies to male as well. Lol strangers that is.

Same.. just play to show off to cute sweet girls..haha..

swee lee got cute female staff meh?... never seen any of them ...
anyways... one should NEVER let cute sales staff influence the buying experience..
Aiya chan u suay lah. That time i go. Saw one, woo hot + cute looks. Hahahhaa Then she let me try one of the autowahs.. Cant play properly, like stand there and see 8O eyes big big 8O

Hahahaha nvm lah try going there more often =P
swee lee got cute girls. ok im gonna practice all night long before my next visit. ahaha. de lonely valentines thingy is really getting to me wahahaha. :D
jack off less!
nah i'm kidding..i couldn't resist that joke sorry. if its stage fright i guess performing more and facing up to your fear is the best way to get over it. Watching a video of yourself perfoming for instance, you realize people really don't focus on looking at guitarists fingers all the time when playing, its the whole package that counts. more importantly, have fun onstage.
Yea watching video recordings of the jam/gig does help. I must say i was pretty :oops: when i watched myself make silly mistakes on video just because of the nerves. But i got used to it already :)
juz think of have fun... to me tat works... relax n run ard like mad(showmanship)..... get ur band to do it too.... juz breath in n relax n enjoy urself....
Me no band now.

Btw, I saw so many of you see cute pretty girls hand will tremble one ar.. :lol: ... When performing the stage fright comes partly from wanted to show off to girls also, another partly probably without much experience on stage, which need practise.

i must be proud to say i didn't experience shaky fingers on my band's jam video, but i could notice a little nervousness in our playing..

i guess its the same with everyone, about feeling uptight in front of the camera.